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November 2017

CORE Celebrates with Beth Pagano as she approaches her Retirement.
With CORE since our founding in 1986, Beth Pagano has been instrumental in the development of our Programs and Program Team. She has been a mentor, trainer and friend. Her experience and knowledge will be missed, as will her fun loving nature and her heart for the people we serve.


Past News

CORE Receives High Marks for Quality Services
Cincinnati's The 'My Voice, My Choice' project visited Hamilton County over the past several months.
'My Voice, My Choice' is a project funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council. The purpose of the project is to interview individuals that receive residential services and determine their level of satisfaction with their Service Provider. Individuals were asked to complete a 15-question "report card" on their Residential Provider. Each residential agency that serves more than 5 individuals in the County receives a grade in 5 categories: Service, Quality, Rights, Health & Safety and Satisfaction. In a survey conducted among 19% of our consumers, CORE received high marks, in each area, and graded out at an 'A minus' (A-) overall.

Among Guardians, CORE once again received excellent grades with an overall grade of A. The combined scores of all those surveyed graded out as follows:

Service A-
Quality A-
Rights A-
Health A
Satisfaction A

Each area is important, but the most satisfying grade we received was an 'A' from our consumers in the area of customer satisfaction. Any business will tell you that an 'A', from its customer, means a job well done. We're very proud of our services and the work we do on a daily basis, but we won't rest on our laurels. No matter how well we provide quality services, we will continue to strive to be better each day.

'PATHS' Graduates are 1st for Pilot Project
CORE, Inc. was one of the first residential providers to become involved in the PATHS (Professional Advancement through Training and Education in Human Services) pilot project. This Credentialing Program is designed to educate direct-support professional staff (DSP's) working in the field of MR/DD After months of dedicated work, we are pleased to announce our first graduates of the PATHS program:

Certificate of Initial Proficiency: (CIP)
Regina Holley
Youlanda Holloway
Certificate of Advanced Proficiency: (CAP)
Cathy Graf
Susan Cole
Ruth Tipton

The achievement of all the PATHS graduates is helping to reshape the direct-services field.
Despite the vital societal contribution of human service workers, and the very complex and personal nature of their work, the human service practitioner has not been recognized as a professional in this country. As a result, there were inadequate educational and training opportunities available to them. By virtue their certification, our graduates are now recognized as expert workers. Such recognition will help shape their career paths by defining the benchmarks of direct service excellence, while improving the stability and quality of supports provided to people in need. Our PATHS participation starts up again with a batch of new recruits.

We want to wish Kim Kidd, Beverly Brown, Ernestine Neely, Shayla Cannon, Karen Erikson, Ramona Bowser and Kami Kidd the best of luck in acquiring their PATHS certifications.

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